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How to Improve Your Foreign Language Immediately


Boris Shekhtman

ISBN 978-1-950328-87-1

In this book, Shekhtman gives some excellent advice on learning a foreign language, focusing on conversational techniques to improve learning and confidence. I find his approach helpful for any foreign language student at any level. For example, he gives the following example when a learner does not know a word:

Native speaker: “When I came into my room I saw a corpse lying on the sofa,” (…). So that the conversation is not interrupted, the learner may ask, “What corpse?”
“Why was it on the sofa?”
“Who brought it there?”
This way, “communication is not interrupted by questions (…). [It] lets the foreign [student] learn what he or she needs to know without either revealing linguistic deficiencies or stalemating the conversation.”

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